Il Team NMA

The NMA team comprises the following professionals:

Luca Bacilieri (engineer - civil engineering, cyber security)

Cecilia Bandiera (lawyer - criminal law, data protection)

Martina Carretta (lawyer - civil law, data protection, civil and commercial mediation c/o Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara)

Irene Costantino (lawyer, partner of the legal firm Studio Legale Costantino - criminal law, anti-money laundering)

Pasquale Longobucco (lawyer, partner of the legal firm MGTM Avvocati Associati - criminal law, 231 models, anti-money laundering)

Alessandra Palma (lawyer, PhD in criminal law - criminal law, 231 models, data protection)

Enrico Sisini (lawyer, partner of the legal firm B.&S.A.A. - employment law, anti-money laundering, ISO models)

and relies on the collaboration of

Jennifer Cowd (linguist, director of Xpress Translations Ltd - legal and commercial translations)

Massimo Maiarelli (chartered accountant - auditor, member of the Supervisory Board according to Law 231/01, subsidised loans)